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Keywords : Lymphangioma. Metrics

Acquired Lymphangiectasia of the Scrotum: A Case Report

Abdullah Mancy

Al- Anbar Medical Journal, 2019, Volume 15, Issue 2, Pages 45-47

The majority of cutaneous lymphangiomas are congenital in origin. Occasionally they arise fromacquired lymphatic obstruction. The scrotum is rarely subjected to lymphatic malformations.These affecting the scrotum usually present with multiple, translucent, thick-walled vesicles, attimes their surfaces are verrucous which may be mistaken for genital warts, and frequently consistof a combination of blood and lymph elements that may be confused with vascular tumors such asangiokeratomas. Idiopathic acquired lymphangiectasia is seldom registered as a reported case inthe literature. We reported a further case of acquired lymphangiectasia of the scrotum in a 27-yearold male without any obvious predisposing factor.