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Online ISSN: 2664-3154

Keywords : Pneumonia

Interesting Progression of COVID-19 Related Pneumonia

Maythem A. Al-Kaisy .

Al- Anbar Medical Journal, 2021, Volume 17, Issue 1, Pages 35-36

COVID-19 is a newly emerging viral disease, the pandemic had major repercussions on human life,economy, and travel. Although multiple management guidelines are proposed none of them provedto be efficacious. Most of the patients have a good prognosis according to multiple studies andfew will undergo management in intensive care settings. The disease mainly affects the respiratorysymptoms destroying lung tissues bilaterally but may also affect other organs like kidneys, liver,heart, and brain. Here we present a case of a young man who had COVID-19 pneumonia bilaterallybut mainly on the left lung. The patient needed mechanical ventilation with a long hospital stay.He was later discharged in a good condition to be admitted again after 1 week for flu-like symptomsand lung changes consistent with COVID-19 pneumonia in the right lung. The study demonstratesthe unpredictability of the progression of the viral illness that even patients deemed stable and fitfor discharge need more monitoring and further studies to manage the emerging complications thatmay arise in the rehabilitation period.