Print ISSN: 2706-6207

Online ISSN: 2664-3154

Keywords : Phagocytosis

Honey depots phagocytosis in vitro

Shehab Ahmed Lafi

Al- Anbar Medical Journal, 2012, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 13-17
DOI: 10.33091//amj.2012.54062

Background and Objectives: Honey is an important unique food product containing bioactive compounds derived from bees and plants. The medicinal properties of honey were known since ancients, it was mentioned by different nations and cultures and there is renewed interest in honey therapeutics . This study aimed to show the effect of honey on phagocytic activity in vitro.
Methods: The phagocytic activity of isolated human neutrophils was studied in vitro using Nitro Blue Tetrazolium test (NBT ). These cells were exposed to different concentrations of crude Eucalyptus local Iraqi honey (0%, 5%, 10%, and 15% honey concentrations in normal saline) for 15 minutes at 37C before challenging with yeast cells .
Results: It was found that, 70% of tested cells showed positive NBT on exposure to 5% honey and 85% on exposure to 10% honey . While cells incubated with 15% honey showed 20% positive reaction which was less than the control group results.
Within the control treatments , cells were not exposed to honey concentrations and 55% of cells were showing positive NBT.
Conclusion: The study concluded that honey prexposure of Neutrophils can depot or increase phagocytic activity of isolated Neutrophils at certain concentrations in vitro.