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Keywords : Epidemiology

Epidemiological Aspect of Stroke Cases in Al- Ramadi City

Salah N. Dalli Ali; Gaith H. Shaya; Hameed I. Ali AL-Zagroot; Majeed Khadhem Al- Dulami

Al- Anbar Medical Journal, 2015, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 79-82

Objectives: To study the subtypes of stroke, prevalence among age groups, sex, and the effect of some risk factors.
Patients and methods: 182 Stroke cases admitted to Al-Ramadi General Hospital during the period from November 2001 to August 2002 were studied. Clinical diagnosis of stroke was documented by spiral computerized tomography of the skull. Risk factors analysis was made based on history, clinical examination and laboratory investigations.
Results: The study showed that peak of stroke cases was in the sixth and seventh decades of the life with a mean age of 62.77± 12.7 and the incidence in males was 55.5% (101) while in females was 44.5% (81). The frequency of stroke subtype was 71.6% (130) of infraction type and 28.4% of hemorrhagic type.
Risk factors were found in 83.6% of cases and hypertension was the most common risk factor and the least one was previous history of transient ischemic attack. These results were nearly similar to other studies in Iraq.
Conclusions: Stroke is a common medical problem Al-Ramadi city. Majority of patients were having risks factors and the most common were hypertension cardiovascular disease, and diabetes mellitus