Publication Ethics 

Al- Anbar Medical Journal (AMJ) is a member of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Besides, the journal follows the yearly updated ICMJE recommendations AMJ adopt a policy of a peer-review process for all articles which are submitted by 2 or more external reviewers. The reviewers must be well experts in the topic of the scientific paper. The paper should be fulfilled the following criteria originality, readability, technically sound academic writing, and well-used statistical methods. The article may be revised once or more until maturity is reached. No guarantee of acceptance of the article even after many times of revisions It is not allowed for the corresponding author to resubmit the published article to another journal unless a permit from the Editor-In-Chief is undertaken. 

Responsibility of the Authors

The corresponding author is fully responsible for the official correspondence with the journal during the evaluation process, from sending the research to publication. He ensures follow-up AMJ guidelines and instructions. He must also prepare all the requirements of the journal including the patients' consent to conduct the research, the approval of the other authors with their signatures, the approval of the scientific institution council or Ethical Approval Committee to conduct the research, the registration of experimental clinical research in a reputable institution, and he gives whether there is a conflict of interest or not. It is necessary for all the contributors to read carefully and agree on the scientific paper content. Besides, they are fully responsible for its integrity to the AMJ guidelines. Furthermore, researchers pledge the originality of the research and that it has not been previously published in another journal or that it is subject to evaluation in another journal during the process of being evaluated by the AMJ.

Conflicts of interest

Clarification and full description should be done by the authors for any conflicts of interest or research assistance in the manuscript.

Human and Animal Rights statement

In addition to the Helsinki Declaration in 1975 ((, the ethical standards of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or ethics committee of author’s institute should be followed precisely. Also, authors should follow the institutional commitments and guidelines for the use of animals and their related laboratories when working on animal research experiments.

IRB Approval and Informed Consent

According to the guidelines and rules of the IRB or ethics committee of the author’s university or institute in any human research, informed consent is required and should be done by all human participants in the research. The same with the clinical trials of humans an approval by the IRB of the author's institution is required. Authors should present any of these documents approved by such committee to the editor or reviewers at the AMJ Journal.  

Process for Managing Research Misconduct

The Editorial Board has the right to decide and discuss the questionable manuscripts if they found any of them have any research misconduct for example plagiarism, conflict of interest, fabricated data, and authorship changes.